• Golf News: Renewed Sponsorship of Major Tournament in 2015
  • In our on-going campaign to raise awareness, the Charity has once again agreed to sponsor, for the fourth year running, Beverley Golf Club's premier competition, the Order of Merit for 2015 (pictured are charity founder Liz Blows and 2014 champion golfer Darren Smith). In each of the first three years, around 160 golfers have taken part, contributing almost £500 every year, which is now the charity’s main source of income. The tournament begins in April and runs through to October with a total of 38 events at the East Yorkshire Westwood club. You can read about past events on the Order of Merit Golf Tournament Page
    • Order of Merit 2014

    Stiff Person Syndrome UK support and charity with Liz and Ang.

      Jacqui Atkinson has her book and story of her life with SPS reviewed in a local Newcastle newspaper.:


    • Jacqui
    • Read the full article in - The Newcastle Journal

    • The new design for the Stiff Person Syndrome Ribbon has been released and can be found by clicking on the image below:

      Stiff Person Syndrome Ribbon

    • The image can be downloaded or linked on a web page. Changes can be made, e.g. Logos etc. can be used to create a new image to promote your own SPS fundraising.

      The designer has donated the image and design to the world-wide SPS community and has put it in the public domain. The designer has requested that the work does not need to be attributed to them.

    • Donations pour in for Pontypool mum's life-saving operation
    • Lindsey Berri
    • Donations are flooding in for a once active mum of three who hopes to raise enough money for a life-saving operation, after living with a one-in-a-million condition that has left her bed-bound

      Read the full article in - The South Wales Argus


    • Suffering in Silence...One in a Million
    • Nerri Berri
    • Lindsey, who is known to many as Nerri, has a wish, and that is to have the gift of time, the chance to live. She has had many successes with her illness. The doctors are now running out of ideas and resources. Follow her blog on the following link:

      Lindsey (Nerri) Berri


  • Brave Scottish Sufferer Featured in Daily Express

    Yet another SPS victim is featured in a national newspaper, further raising awareness of the condition. You can read all about 70-year-old Vivian Murphy’s story.

    Vivian Murphy



    The Pen is Mightier than the Sword: New Book about SPS

    • SPS - One In a M
    • SPS sufferer Jac Atkinson, full name Jacqui Atkinson, is now a fully fledged, published author. Jac has toiled for a number of years writing a book that features her struggle with SPS. It has now been released and is available on Amazon. This unique perspective is yet another weapon in our awareness-raising arsenal for our little known and often misunderstood (and mis-diagnosed) condition. Find the book on Amazon by searching for "One in a Million by Jacqui Atkinson." In Britain it is at: Amazon..

    Latest News: Charity Sets Up Video Links

    Video records of SPS/SMS-related topics are now online to show the world how the condition affects sufferers. Click here.

    The Videos are also accessible from the "Links" menu.

    If you would like us to host or link to your SPS related Videos please contact us at admin@smssupportgroup.co.uk.  

    Website Launch

    Welcome to your refreshed and invigorated new-look SPS Support Group website. Presentation, content and navigation have been significantly improved to enhance the user experience. The site is very much a work in progress - keep checking in the coming months to see what's new, different or simply given a new lease of life. If you have any ideas, views or comments, we'd love to hear them. After all, this site is about, and for, YOU.

    SPS Forum and Facebook

    Apart from the ever-evolving look and feel of the site, we have further boosted our reach by the creation of a discussion Forum and, most recently, the addition of our very own Facebook page, together with a number of other innovations to help us keep pace in the ever-changing modern world. Please find time to fully explore our website and discover all it has to offer in the never-ending campaign to raise awareness of SPS at home and around the world.


    Membership of the group is restricted to UK and Ireland residents only, although we’re always pleased to hear from fellow sufferers, their families and carers around the world (see Links) and our presence on Facebook means we are within reach of everyone in the global community.

    Getting in Touch

    You can email us, ’phone on the dedicated SPS Support Group telephone number or click the ’phone link to use Skype, and also find us on Facebook


                01482 868881





    Why not add a badge with the international ribbon symbol to your Facebook Picture from here:


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    Stiff Person Syndrome.

    This site is solely for the support of those suffering from Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS). Family and friends of sufferers are also welcome to the same support. The site may be of interest to caregivers, care professionals and researchers, together with advocates for the condition and the general public.


    We always welome donations, no matter how large or small. You can donate on-line or via a donations form.

    To donate by secure credit card transaction, please use the button below. The full value of your donation (less credit card fees) comes to the charity.

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    For postal donations please download the form here.

    The group and charity was set up by Liz Blows with the following aims:

    (1) The relief of sickness and the protection and preservation of the health of persons affected by Stiff Person Syndrome, together with their families and carers.

    (2) On-going education and awareness-raising within the medical profession and the general public of Stiff Person Syndrome.

    (3) The promotion of research into the causes, effects, treatment and management of Stiff Person Syndrome.

    "Stiff Man Syndrome" (SMS) was the name assigned to the condition when first identified in the 1950s by Moersch and Woltman in the USA. In recent years, in the modern world of PC, the condition has become more widely known as "Stiff Person Syndrome" (SPS). SPS does not differentiate between sex, colour, or creed, although UK evidence tends to suggest women are most at risk.

    SPS is an auto-immune neurological condition. It is unique due to its lack of significant similarity to any other neurological diseases. Although rare, once observed it is quite unforgettable. However, many neurologists and GPs are still unaware of the condition. In most cases, the first symptoms are insidious and victims are often initially misdiagnosed with anxiety or depression.